Oswald release notes

2.3.0 - 2020-11-23


  • Auto-scroll down in takeover when new messages arrive

  • Missing translations

  • Fix short input field

  • Recompute confusion matrix when language changes

  • Synonyms were sometimes not updated for entities

  • Various improvements to socket stability and reconnects

  • Fixed unanswered and takeover counts in statistics

  • Improved performance and stability of fetching and saving scenarios

  • Fix unanswered messages remains pending


  • Google actions reworked to match new API

  • Changed title messages distribution to conversation length in statistics

  • Split unanswered and no-intent found lists in train

  • Added totals in charts

  • Clean up empty sessions (without user interaction)


  • Show value of entity in default chatbot language when viewing other languages

  • Allow routing requests to Zendesk based on the url

  • Show agent name in Zendesk

  • Clustering unanswered questions

  • Allow downloading and replacing training sentences for single intent

  • Explain intent feature

  • Slot filling for scenarios

  • Allow sending event to chatbot when user clicks link

  • Allow auto-translate of entities and scenarios (Google Translate)

  • Allow tagging based on current url

  • Tag conversations based on endpoint (api, messenger, google actions...)

  • Allow warning user when typing a long message

  • Allow filtering statistics page based on tags

2.2.0 - 2020-09-16


  • better handling of spécįåł characters

  • improved rearranging of quick replies

  • fixed a bug that sometimes prevented confusion matrix to be computed when working with multiple languages


  • chart with all tags in statistics has been removed and replaced with custom charts following up on any combination of tags

  • allow forcing a start command to be sent, even if there is a recent history in the conversation

  • changes to the Zendesk integration for more configuration options

  • added access to the chatbot menu from the main title bar

  • show date and time of unanswered messages, allow better filtering on them

  • file entities have been removed, replaced by regular entities

  • made browser notifications for takeover requests clickable

  • reduced needless http calls done by the widget

  • allow combining any sort of vectorisation

  • statistics page revamped

  • reduce amount of calls necessary to save a scenario

  • use new google actions way of working

  • twilio integration improved

  • clearer takeover status in widget


  • allow automatic anonymising/removing of messages

  • allow publishing some integrations separately without publishing bot

  • allow viewing unanswered messages from statistics

  • allow adding multiple rules for activating a response, e.g. intent is "hello" or intent is "help"

  • added regex entity values

  • added time presets in the statistics page

  • added secrets in addition to environment variables

  • added automatic versioning of chatbots

  • added tracking of end of chat

  • added a change log of user actions performed on the chatbot

  • made browser notifications for takeover requests clickable

  • added widget style templates to choose from

  • added a message to be shown for unsupported browsers

  • make it clear in takeover when a user is no longer in the chat

  • visitor distribution charts for scenarios (beta)

  • allow quick "assign to me"/"assign to bot" in takeover view

  • show quick replies in scenario editor

  • show message distribution per hour in statistics

  • allow file upload in chat conversations

  • allow cross-language training (beta)

  • microsoft teams integration for takeover (with video call) (beta)

  • microsoft teams integration as a user channel

  • google storage integration for storing files

  • allow users to end takeover from the widget

2.1.0 - 2020-02-18


  • Fixed the order of entities not being consistent if the same entity occurs multiple times

  • Adjusted database indexes for performance

  • Improved character vectorization

  • In case of commands (not_understood, error), keep the original input in the bot brain for better debugging

  • Improved performance when rendering large scenarios

  • Fix confusion matrix sometimes not computed

  • Improve handling of large user input


  • Only retrain affected language when edits happen

  • Remove automatic start message from statistics

  • Don’t automatically leave scenario on save

  • Show time of message in takeover separately and allow filtering on that time

  • Don't automatically apply intent/entity search to their sentences/values.


  • Added release notes

  • Allow to send message after a certain amount of time

  • Allow code responses to add/remove entities or intents to the context

  • Allow reordering quick replies

  • Improve highlight of selected conversation in takeover

  • Better overview of unanswered questions with filtering

  • Show response usage statistics in scenario editor

  • Enable hybrid cloud setup where responder is local to customer installation but chatbot uses Oswald Saas

  • Allow debugging of code responses on local machine

  • Allow sentence embeddings as vectorisation

  • Allow libraries to reuse parts of a chatbot

  • Allow cmd-s or ctrl-s to save a scenario

  • Allow code responses to import code snippets as libraries

  • Allow search of response content (messages and code responses)

  • Allow quick switch of scenario using a sidebar

  • Automatically add tags for not_understood and error message

  • Allow configuration of widget script parameters in the tryout page